The Prajied is a band of cloth, traditionally red and white worn around upper arm during competition. As same as Mong Kon the purpose of using Prajied is pretty much the same, to bring good luck to boxer, the only different between Mong Kon and Prajied is boxers are allowed to wear Prajied through the competition, but Mong Kon need to be taken out of the head before the fight begins.

These types of amulet, Mong Kon and Prajied are only two obvious and still commonly used in modern Muaythai, especially in Thailand. However, it is depends on individual boxers who may believe in these amulets and always used these amulets.

However, there are some other kind of amulets that boxers used in ancient time, from which the concept derived by when warrior have to go to battle field do they need kind of these thing to bring courageous and keep them free from danger such as Pa Yan (a piece of cloth with unique mystical inscription) Sua Yan (waitcoat) etc...